Stacie Lipinski



I am the luckiest person in the world because every day of my life, I have the privilege of being able to help people through caring for their pets!

At the age of 3, I announced that I would someday have a dog and a cat and become a veterinarian for pets. I never wavered from this (except for a hot moment in grade school when I contemplated becoming an astronaut). My parents were aghast. You see, we did not have pets. My mother was raised on a farm and in her eyes, animals were not meant to be companions. *sigh*

Our family was taught a very valuable lesson when I was 10 years old; mom included. We learned the importance of the human-animal bond. My mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Her oncologist prescribed a family dog to help each of us to cope with her illness. To my excitement, we were getting a dog!!! Mom selected a miniature schnauzer! That little dog was so much more than a dog; he was our family's superhero. When mom died, 3 years after we adopted him, he was sitting in her bed, by her side. He was my confidant, my gift, my driving force and inspiration. That which he gave to my family and to me is why I do what I do today -- help people through caring for their pets.

In 2015, I earned my MBA. Through this, I was able to increase my "net" helping impact by assisting medical device development companies in bringing to market innovative and safe products to satisfy the unmet healthcare needs of veterinarians, human physicians and patients.

Favorite childhood toy - My bicycle. It took me on daily adventures, sometimes solo, sometimes with a gaggle of neighborhood friends. On my grandparents’ farm, I rode through the trails to the barns and hay lofts were I searched for kittens!!!


  • University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, BS, Biology 

  • Auburn University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn, AL, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

  • Animal Emergency Center, Glendale, WI, Internship training, Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine and Surgery

  • Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists, Buzzards Bay, MA, Residency training, Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care Medicine and Surgery

  • Temple University, Fox School of Business, Philadelphia, PA, Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Entrepreneurship

  • Board Member Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, the oldest animal shelter in the country founded in 1874.